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ReunionWhether you are hiring new employees, leasing property, entering into a business transaction, personal relationship or contemplating marriage, you can be sure our timely and accurate information will assist you in making the right decisions.

The sad fact is that nowadays, you just can't be too careful who you plan on dealing with in your business or personal life. In the not too distant past, background investigations were something of a luxury, now they are quickly becoming a necessity. Every minute of every day, a spouse, lover or child is beaten; money is stolen; companies and individuals are defrauded of their fortunes and property is damaged or vandalized. While hindsight comes with 20/20 vision, the majority of us cannot see into the future... but we can see into the past!

We provide a variety of accurate and affordable background packages depending on your needs. These can include: criminal histories; drivers records; judgments and lien searches; consumer credit reports*; verification of education and credentials; professional license checks; SSN traces and much, much more.

Florida is one of the many states which support the negligent hiring doctrine. This means that employers can now be held liable for their employees actions if it is shown that they did not make an effort to carefully screen their employees prior to hiring. Why take the chance? Isn't it worth a few dollars now to avoid potential disaster in the future?

If you're in doubt, check them out... you can't afford not to!!

Boyfriends, Girlfriends & Fiancees.
Is he/she currently paying child support?
Have they ever been convicted of spousal abuse?
Did they ever spend time in prison?
Could you be putting your life in danger.. Or your children's lives?

Prospective Employees.
How much of what they submitted in their resume is actually true?
How is their driving record?
Do they have criminal convictions for theft or fraud?
Why did they REALLY leave their previous jobs?

Tenant applicants for your house/apartment.
Were they ever evicted for non payment of rent or damage to property?
Could you be renting your home to a drug dealer?
Did they pay their rent on time?
Were their previous landlords glad to get rid of them?

We also conduct background checks on prospective business partners; clients and customers; potential vendors; business competitors; association membership applicants...

Don't make the same mistake as others ... find out who you're dealing with NOW by calling the number below and talking to one of our agents.

* Without exception, credit report requests must be accompanied by a signed release from the subject of screening authorizing us to access their credit files.

If we can be of assistance to you, please call us for a FREE consultation!

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