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  • Are you receiving annoying or harassing phone calls?
  • Does a phone number keep showing up or you caller ID and you have no idea who the caller is?
  • Maybe a number keeps showing up on your spouses cell phone or maybe he is deleting numbers after receiving or making a call.
  • Do you have a suspicious number that has been disconnected and you need to know who that number belonged to.
  • Maybe you are frustrated because you have wasted your time and money running it through various internet companies with no success.

If so... we can assist!

CONNORS INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES assists the insurance industry, the legal profession, small businesses and individuals in obtaining accurate phone information. We offer many types of phone directory services such as cell phone traces, phone number look-up's, unlisted numbers, disconnected number identification , pay phone locations and 800 number searches. Phone numbers can be traced to identify the name and address of the subscriber. Our phone services are provided nationwide and generally completed in 24 to 72 hrs.

1. You provide us with a phone number. We return to you the subscribers name and address.

2. You provide us the persons name and address and we provide you with the subscribers phone number.

3. If you need to know the current or prior telephone activity for a particular cell phone number, we can assist.

4. If you have a disconnected number, we can trace it to the new number.

5. We can change a pager or beeper number into a name and address for you.

6. If you need to know the location of a particular pay phone we can also obtain the information.

Facts about this search

  • All investigations are confidential.
  • You receive quick results that are sent directly to you.
  • Your information is not shared with anyone.The information we provide is free. You pay only for our labor and service
  • If we are unable to obtain the information there is no fee for our efforts.

When you need accurate information, contact:

7200 Lake Ellenor Dr, Suite #116, Orlando, FL 32809
Phone: 321-228-3991   ::   Fax: 407-351-0180

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