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Polygraphs are used when our clients need to know the facts and other inquiries have been unable to provide them with answers. We provide reliable, cost effective and confidential Forensic Polygraph Examinations throughout Orlando and the State of Florida. We use the latest technology in polygraph testing in identifying the truth with an accuracy rate of 98%. You will assist us in designing test questions and will be present during the examination process.

Forensics Polygraph Testing is by far, the most effective tool for discovering the truth. It is the only forensic tool capable of providing accurate information in resolving issues of importance. The computerized polygraph system used in this process has been validated through research supported by the National Institute of Justice and is currently being used by the FBI, the US Secret Service, the Department of Defense, Army Intelligence, the CIA and at least ten other federal law enforcement agencies of the United States. Polygraph examinations compare favorable with other forms of scientific evidence such as x-ray films, ballistics, electrocardiograms, fiber and blood analysis. We conduct examinations on a variety of issues including cheating spouses, infidelity, relationship issues, criminal investigations, civil litigation, employee theft, sexual misconduct accusations, sexual offender testing, exculpatory testing and the falsely accused.

Mr. Connors, a recognized expert in Polygraph Testing, will conduct your examination. He has a proven track record as the Orange County Sheriff's Office retired Major Case Certified Polygraphist. In addition, he has a masters degree in Criminal Justice and over 20 years experience as a Polygraph Examiner. All examinations are conducted by appointment and are administered in a discreet and professional manner in accordance with all state and federal laws.

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