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I understand that there are a lot of men in prison for something they didn't do.

Very few allegations can damage your future as much as a sexual offense. Allegations of sexual misconduct can be made by anyone. Even when there is no physical evidence to support the claim. When you are charged with a sexual crime, there is a natural tendency for people to consider you guilty. Because of this, a charge of sexual assault or child molestation must be investigated aggressively. Even a conviction on a minor sexual complaint could label you to be registered as a convicted sex offender. This could change your life drastically!

When a murder has been committed there is a body that was left behind. In a robbery there are items or property that was taken that can be used as evidence. However, when an allegation of sexual assault or child molestation are falsely made, there is no physical evidence. You are left to prove that something that did not happen, did not happen. Compounding this problem is that reports of child sexual abuse can be made anonymously and falsely. Investigations can be made by various agencies that have little experience in these types of investigations.

False complaints of sexual harassment is another area that is becoming prevalent. The trend for companies has been to cut and run, leaving the accused as a human sacrifice , rather then try to fend off the false allegation.

Child custody cases involving allegations of sexual or physical abuse requires a keen analysis and expertise. You need someone with experience in these complex cases. The earlier I can get involved the better the results will be.

Mr Connors is an expert in the area of sexual assault investigations after having served eleven years with the Major Crimes Unit (sex crimes & Homicide) with the Sheriff's office.

If you or a family member are accused of a sexual assault do not hesitate to contact me. In cases of this nature having someone with experience and being proactive can assist you greatly in the outcome of your case.

If we can be of assistance to you, please call us for a FREE consultation!

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